Rejunol With Shilajit – Ayurvedic Stamina Boosting Capsules for Men


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Ayurvedic Strength and Energy Booster with 7 Powerful Vajikarana Herbs-Safed Musli-Ashwagandha-Kapikacchu-Shilajit-Gokshura-Shatavari-Vidarikand

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Rejunol is a rejuvenator and stamina booster for male function. It nourishes the male reproductive system by strengthening “shukra dhatu” . It helps to increase strength, energy, and toughness by strengthening reproductive tissues. It also helps to regain muscular flexibility and firmness to boost your confidence.




  1. Contains 7 vajikaran herbs that are especially recommended in ayurveda for normalizing male reproductive health.
  2. Vajikarana herbs help to last long in bed.
  3. These herbs help to improve sperm health.
  4. Helps improve strength, stamina and vitality
  5. Improves immunity.
  6. Helps to reduce weakness.
  7. Relieves stress and helps to boost energy levels.
  8. Made with clinically researched Ayurvedic ingredients.
  9. Contains natural ingredients.
  10. Approved by the department of Ayush
  11. Manufactured in a GMP facility which is supervised by qualified ayurvedic doctors.
  12. Formulated by experienced qualified ayurvedic doctors.



  1. Ashwagandha
  2. Gokshura ( Tribulus)
  3. Safed Musli
  4. Shilajit
  5. Kapikacchu ( mucuna)
  6. Vidarikand
  7. Shatavari




1  Capsules twice a day with milk or water or as advised by physician. Recommended duration for three months for effective results.

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