Bhumi amla for Liver Detox and Fatty Liver

Bhumi Amla or Bhumyamalaki for Liver Detox and Fatty Liver

Bhumyamalaki is popularly known in India as bhumi amla. Its botanical name is Phyllanthus niruri and belongs to the family of Euphorbiaceae. This herb is highly praised as a protector of the liver, by Ayurveda Acharyas.

This is 2 feet tall, small herb which grows as a weed, in coastal parts of India, in temperate climates. It has soft branches, small leaves, flowers, and tiny fruits under its leaves. The fruits are smooth, round and contain seeds.

In the Ayurveda text “Bhava Prakasha”, the medicinal properties of this herb are explained as follows.

Protects Liver

This herb is known for its liver-protective properties. It is recommended in the treatment of fatty liver, jaundice, and inflammation of the liver. This herb is also used as a liver detox. It is praised as an eliminator of toxins ( visha). Various research has also proved this fact.

When this herb is administered along with other liver-protective herbs like Rohitaka, Punarnava, Chitraka, Giloy (amruta), kutki (katurohini) , and bringraj it helps to metabolize fat accumulated in the liver and reverse the condition fatty liver. The best ayurvedic medicine for liver detox – Livobeam Capsules- ayurvedic medicine for liver detox and fatty liver contains all these herbs.

Ayurvedic medicine for Liver detox, fatty liver and liver health

Sets right Digestion

Bhumi Amla is recommended for people who have lost appetite and taste for food. It is lauded as “rochani”, which means it helps to improve appetite, reduce acidity, and relieve colic and hiccups. It improves the absorption of nutrients from the digestive system and helps to fight anemia. It also helps in easy bowel movement and relieves constipation. Bhumyamalaki also helps to control chronic diarrhea as in IBS.

Helps in diabetes

Bhumi Amla is recommended for diabetes. It helps to reduce the burning sensation of the urinary tract and bladder, which often occurs in diabetes. This herb is also recommended for controlling drying of the mouth, increased thirst, and burning sensation in palms and feet, which are usual symptoms of diabetes.

Many studies have shown the hypoglycemic activity of this herb.

Boosts the health of the respiratory system

This herb is included in ayurvedic preparations that help with cough and cold. It reduces cough and improves the health of persons who are recuperating from tuberculosis, asthma attacks, and bronchitis.

Improves Skin Health

Since this herb acts as an eliminator of toxins from the body, it removes toxins from the skin too. Its wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties help to heal acne and pimple.

Beneficial in bleeding disorders.

This herb helps in healing uterine and nasal bleeding disorders. It is also recommended for people who are recovering from injury.

Eliminates Kidney stones

Bhumi amla is highly praised as “mutrala”, which means it increases urine volume. It also helps to expel small kidney stones.

Chemical Composition

The leaves, stem and roots of this plant contains ligans, glycosides, flavanoids, alkaloids, ellagitans, phenyle proponoids, amarin, gernanin and corilagin . Bio molecules Niranthin nirtetralin phyltetralin is isolated from leaves. Kaemferol – 4 rhamnopyranocyte and criodictiol – 7 rhamnopyranoside, lup 20 (29) – en – 3 beta – ol and its acetates are extracted from roots.

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