Rohitaka herb for fatty liver and liver detox

Benefits of Rohitaka for Liver Detox and Fatty Liver

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The herb Rohitaka also known as “Tecomella Undulata” by botanists belongs to the plant family “Bignoniaceae”. This is an evergreen medium-sized tree that grows in Himalayan region and west India. This is also known as desert teak in English. The bark, root, and flower of this herb are used for medicinal purposes.

Various texts of ayurveda recommend rohitaka in treatments of liver diseases ( yakrut roga ), hemorrhoids (arsha), diabetes (madhu meha), intestinal parasites ( krumi), obesity ( sthoulya ), white discharge in women ( Shweta pradara ) and indigestion ( agnimandya).

Rohitaka is the best ayurvedic medicine for liver detox. It improves appetite and sets right the process of digestion. This reduces the stress on the liver and eases its function. Hence this herb is recommended for Liver Detox and Fatty Liver. This is used along with other liver-protective herbs like , Punarnava, Chitraka, Giloy (amruta), Brungaraj ( brunga), katurohini and bhumyamalakai, to enhance its liver protective properties.  Livobeam Ayurvedic Capsules for Liver detox and fatty liver contain all these herbs.

Many studies have proved that this herb has antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, hepatoprotective, anticancer, muscle relaxant, heart-strengthening, and liver-protecting properties.

Ayurveda Acharyas explain the Health benefits of this plant are explained as follows.

Balances Kapha dosha and Pitta dosha

Rohitaka by virtue of its ayurvedic properties helps to balance kapha dosha and pitta dosha. An imbalance in these two doshas can cause diseases of the liver, respiratory system, female reproductive system, and digestive systems. Administering this herb in these diseases helps to resolve these health conditions.

Helps to reverse Fatty Liver

Ayurveda scholars praise this herb as “liver guard” or protector of liver. Liver is known as “yakrut” in ayurveda. Ayurvedic physicians recommend this herb in “yakrut vikara” or diseases of liver such as jaundice, fatty liver, stones in gall bladder etc.

Since this herb balances pitta, it balances agni or metabolism too. Fatty liver occurs due to imbalanced or faulty metabolism. When this herb is administered along with other liver protective herbs like Rohitaka, Punarnava, Chitraka, Giloy (amruta), Brungaraj ( brunga), katurohini and bhumyamalakai, it helps to metabolize fat accumulated in liver and reverse the condition fatty liver.

Ayurvedic medicine for Liver detox, fatty liver and liver health

Best Liver Detox

This herb is widely researched for its properties of expelling toxins from liver. We all know that liver is the chemical factory of human body, where all food is broken down and toxins are eliminated, and nutrients are absorbed. When functions of liver slow down due to accumulation of toxins, this herb comes as an aid to expel toxins and cleanse the liver.

Purifies Blood

This herb is known for its blood purifying properties. When liver gets overloaded with toxins, toxins are spilled into blood. This condition calls for a liver and blood cleansing to eliminate accumulated toxins. Rohitaka is lauded as rakta shodhaka or blood purifier. Administering this herb helps to purify blood.

Helps in weight loss

Imbalanced Kapha dosha and impaired agni or metabolism are the main reasons for weight gain leading to obesity. Balancing these two factors help in weight management. Rohitaka balances kapha dosha, sets right agni and breaks down medha dhatu or body fat. Hence this herb is recommended for persons who consume weight loss herbs as part of their ayurvedic weight loss treatment.

Controls diabetes

Liver and pancreas work together to keep blood sugar levels under control. An imbalance in the functioning of any one of these organs may lead to increased blood sugar levels. When the liver is burdened with accumulated toxins and fat as in fatty liver, the workload of maintaining blood sugar levels falls on the pancreas. When the pancreas is stressed, it leads to diabetes. Hence detoxifying the liver with the help of herbs like rohitaka helps in controlling the blood sugar levels. Also this herb by itself help to control blood sugar levels.

Enhances skin health and glow

This herb has immense healing properties. When rohitaka is consumed internally it does a blood purification and cleanses the liver. Pure blood and healthy liver help to maintain skin health and its radiance. The decoction prepared using bark of this herb can be used to wash face. This helps to heal acne and pimples quickly.

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